Oh gosh!


Hi Guys!

Well, this is something new to me! Welcome to my blog. It will be my account of the life of Raj whilst he faced cancer and my life also as his mummy.

Facebook really didn’t seem the right platform to talk about details around Raj and our journey. I suppose I was really concious of the fact sometimes it maybe be too much or even too little detail for people to relate to.

Im not 100% sure where this blog will take me. Im hoping as I start to write it will just flow. What I am sure of is it will be a very true account of the struggles of cancer. What it really was like facing this battle together. It wont however be all doom and gloom. Anyone who knows me and Raj knows we were all about fun and laughter. I look forward to sharing with you guys the amazing moments we have lived through. Laughing, giggling and lots of cheeky smiles! Finally it will be also sharing with you all what life without Raj here physically feels like.

Thanks for visiting! Hope to have you back for the next ‘proper’ post!

Much love